Celtic Sheet Music Arrangements and Harmonies

I can make arrangements, harmony parts and transcriptions of traditional tunes - all to order. Prices start at £10 for one harmony part for a 32 bar traditional tune. I can also offer bulk discounts if you're having a lot tunes arranged at once. Get in touch at info@georgianettleton.com for more info about what I can do for you.

Celtic Music Transcription

There are many, many recordings of celtic tunes all over the internet, and also plenty of celtic sheet music, but it doesn't always match up - you might find the sheet music to something you heard in a video on YouTube that doesn't sound right when you play it from the sheet music you found elsewhere.

With my background in traditional music and also a classical training, combined with perfect pitch, one of my main skills is in traditional music transcription. I can take a recording and turn it into sheet music - either a simplified version of the basic melody which you can use as a blank canvas to add your own expressions and ornaments, or the exact twiddles and articulations that are played in the recording from which I'm transcribing.

Although I specialise in celtic music, I can also transcribe other styles of music.

To get a quote for my transcription services or to find out more, just send me an email at info@georgianettleton.com and let me know the kind of thing you're after.