Celtic Fiddle Harmony Sheet Music

Download PDF scores, demo recordings and midi files from my collection of flexible arrangements of traditional folk music.

Want to play harmony fiddle? Or maybe you have a group of mixed instruments that would like to play folk music together, and are looking for inspiration. If either of these things are true, you're in the right place!

I make harmony arrangements of traditional music for fiddle duets, trios or groups. I publish the pdf scores, and include free demo recordings too.

I have over one hundred different folk tunes from the Irish, Scottish and English instrumental folk traditions, arranged in four part harmony. You can use them as folk fiddle duets, trios or quartets.

You can buy the scores for these arrangements as pdf files that you download to your computer and print out at home.

How to Download the PDF Sheet Music

You can buy my PDF sheet music as single pieces or in discounted bundles (including my huge new Megapack!).

Celtic Piano Solos

As well as arranging traditional music for strings, I have made some easy piano solo arrangements of folk tunes. These come as PDF sheet music score to download and print, and a recording played on a piano.

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Instant Folk Band

This project incorporates vocals as well as instruments. The Instant Folk Band pack contains flexible building blocks for groups of musicians and singers to build their own arrangements for folk songs. The arrangements contains lots of different parts including vocal harmony, piano scores, chords, instrumental solos and more...

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Collections of my original compositions for solo instruments. Originally composed for violin (plus chord symbols), I've also released viola version of these, which have been transposed to fit on the viola in first position.

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Recorder Group Arrangements

Some of my four part folk arrangements have been specially adapted for a recorder group with two descants, a treble and a tenor.

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About Me

I am a fiddle player, composer and arranger playing in Celtic and English traditional violin styles. I specialise in writing harmony parts and string arrangements for traditional folk tunes, and I publish the sheet music for my arrangements as digital downloads. As well as violin, I also play viola, piano, whistles and recorders.

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