More About Downloading my Digital Sheet Music

How it Works

I compose harmony parts for traditional folk tunes and folk songs, and I also write some of my of my own tunes (with their own harmony parts).

Once I've written the arrangements and made them into a pdf sheet music score, I make a demo recording, so that people can hear what the arrangement sounds like before they buy it.

I publish the sheet music as a pdf file, and as a bonus, I include the recordings with the sheet music as a free extra.

What Other Free Extras Do I Get?

So the demo recordings come as a free extra with the sheet music... but they're not the only thing!

Other free extras that I include with some of the pdf sheet music are what I call "practise mixes", which have the harmony parts turned up louder. People who learn by ear have told me they find this helpful.

I also include MIDI files - some people use these to import my arrangements into a score editor (such as Sibelius or MuseScore) if they want to change the layout, or put it into a different key or in a different octave or generally play around with it.

Downloading the Sheet Music

I sell my sheet music through a company called Bandcamp. Bandcamp is a great choice because they give a much higher percentage of the sale price to the artist, compared with (for example) Apple or Amazon.

Now... the thing about Bandcamp is that it is primarily a platform for selling recordings. But you're here for the sheet music, right? Maybe you like the idea of the recordings as a free extra, but you're mostly interested in the pdf files. Welll: the great thing about Bandcamp is that they allow extra files to be included with the audio downloads. This includes pdf files! And this is how you get your sheet music along with the free demo recording. It doesn't matter what audio format you select - you'll always get your pdfs too.

And as so many people like to use the recordings, and Bandcamp is such a good and ethical company, this is the best way for me to provide the full package of pdf and free extras.

Do I *Have* To Download The Free Recordings? Stop Giving Me Free Stuff, Georgia!

A few people sometimes tell me that they're not interested in the recordings AT ALL. They just want the pdfs.

If you really do only want the pdfs and no recordings and you are CERTAIN of this, you can use my new parallel pdf-only system.

To view the index and purchase pdf-only sheet music downloads, CLICK HERE.

OK, I Want to Buy Some of Your Sheet Music - What Do I Do?

Choosing What You Want to Download

First, visit my index of all the sheet music I've published here. You can browse by A-Z, by newness, you can see what's available for different instruments, and you can buy "Multipacks" which are bundles of around 10 pieces at a slightly discounted price.

Most people are happy to just click on things from here and figure out what to do as they go - it's pretty straightforward. But if you want a little-extra guidance, here it is:

Click on the name of the piece of music or multipack that you want to buy. This takes you to a page where you can buy that item. Then...


Click 'Buy Digital Album' and you'll get a pop-up window that will let you add the item to your cart. It will ask you to type in the price you want to pay. This is a bit different to how some retailers work, I know. Instead of setting a price, on Bandcamp I can set a minimum price. This means I can keep the price low and accessible to all, but if anyone wants to add a bit extra because they're extra-generous and can afford to (thank you so much!) then they can do so if they wish. But if you want to just pay the minimum that is absolutely fine with me! So if the minimum price is £1.50, you can just type in £1.50, or you can type in a higher price if you want to add a little extra, and click "checkout" if you're just buying that item, or "add to cart" if you're buying multiple items.

Then follow the payment instructions in Bandcamp.

Downloading the Files to Your Computer

At this point, you will need to go and check your emails. You won't be able to get your download until you have opened an email from Bandcamp, which has a link to click on.

Click on this link!

You'll go to a page where you can download your purchase. It will ask you to select an audio format. This is just for the free extras - those demo recordings I've talked about above. Whatever format you select for the audio, FEAR NOT: YOU WILL STILL GET YOUR PDF FILES! It will all be ok. You are not alone in experiencing nervousness at this point - I have received so many emails from people saying "but I want pdf as my format!" - which is why I'm writing this guide, to make sure you know it's all right. If you want the smallest file size, select mp3 here.

Once you've selected the audio format, you can hit the button below to get your download. This will save the download file to wherever you normally save downloads to your computer. (And for this part, I can't tell you exactly where this is, because everyone's computer is different. Although - it may be called something like "Downloads"...)

Opening the Files

Your pdf files (and free extras) will be packaged up in a .zip file, which is a way of compressing a bunch of files into one neat package so that you only have to download one big item instead of lots of little ones.

These days, most computers can just open these when you double-click on them. Then you'll see all your files inside.

If by some tiny stroke of bad luck this doesn't work for you, a search engine is your friend. Just do a search for "how to open a zip file" plus whatever your operating system is (e.g. Mac OS, Windows 10) and you should find a user guide. (I'm not going to provide a user guide for every possible operating system here, because lots of other people write those, and I can't keep an up-to-date guide for something as generic as opening a zip file AND write musical arrangements. If you see what I mean.)

What's With the Bandcamp App?

The Bandcamp app isn't something you need to have on your phone or tablet for downloading my sheet music. You can't use the pdf files via the Bandcamp app. Bandcamp made their app for people to stream audio from their phones while on the go, and that is the only purpose of the app. If you want the sheet music, just download the zip file to your computer, and you'll be fine.

On the other hand, some people have told me that they use the app to listen to the recordings which helps them learn the harmony parts while travelling - so if you want to use it for that, the app is a great choice.

Are You Going to Release Any More Sheet Music?

I've got a pretty big catalogue now, but I do write new arrangements and add them to the site periodically. If you want to know when there's something new available, you can join my mailing list to receive email updates.

I think that's about all the info I can think of! If you have another question, you can email me. Otherwise...

browse the sheet music!