More About Downloading my Digital Sheet Music

How it Works

I compose harmony parts for traditional folk tunes and folk songs, and I also write some of my of my own tunes (with their own harmony parts).

Once I've written the arrangements and made them into a pdf sheet music score, I make a demo recording, so that people can hear what the arrangement sounds like before they buy it.

I publish the sheet music as a pdf file.

OK, I Want to Buy Some of Your Sheet Music - What Do I Do?

Choosing What You Want to Download

First, visit my index of all the sheet music I've published here. You can browse by A-Z, you can see what's available for different instruments, and you can buy "Multipacks" which are bundles of around 10 pieces at a slightly discounted price.

How Can I Hear the Arrangements Before Buying?

On the "multipack" pages on this website, there are embedded players with demo recordings of all the tunes in each multipack. Once you've pressed "play" on these, you can skip through and listen to all the tracks in each multipack. There are also a few recordings on my YouTube channel.

I am intending to put media players on every listing for the individual tunes, but this is a slow process. If you want to hear these, you can listen on the old Bandcamp listings. I've made an index of these for anyone who wants to be able to find a recording quickly.

Please note that except in piano accompaniments, solo piano and Instant Folk Band arrangements, the piano parts are improvised to demonstrate the chords, and there is no piano score included in the sheet music download.

For the "fiddle harmony" packs, I've played the tune several times with different harmonies coming in and out as and example of how they can be used. You can also make your own arrangement, as the harmonies are designed to be used as building blocks.

Multipacks and Single Tunes - What's the Difference?

A multipack has up to ten tune arrangements bundled together. You get the pdf scores, and also mp3 demo recordings included in your download.

As there are lots of files to download in a multipack, these are bundled together in zip files, which you download and unzip on your computer.

Single tunes (which you can find on the "tunes A-Z" pages) just include the pdf scores (no recordings), and there are only a few files so there are no zip files involved. People who are not so experienced with computers usually prefer this as it is a simpler process!

Please note: my old download system on Bandcamp uses zip files for both single tunes and multipacks!

Zip files and iPhone / iPad users

Some people who use iPhones and iPads may have trouble opening zip files, essentially because Apple has made this difficult, even though it is a completely normal thing to need to do! It is still possible (read this for more information) but if you're an iPhone/iPad user and uncertain (or have never opened a zip file before), it's better to stick to downloading single tunes! (Or ask a more computer-literate person for help.)

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