Celtic Recorder Group Sheet Music

Recorder group arrangements for two descants, treble and tenor

For a long time I've been making four part harmony arrangements of traditional folk and celtic music, most of which are aimed primarily at string players. While these can be adapted for other groups, and people use them with a variety of ensembles, I thought it would be good to make a pack that was written specifically for recorder groups. As the recorder has a more limited range than stringed instruments, it is harder to find a good fit for each harmony part and each type of recorder using my string arrangements.

I have taken some of my existing arrangements and re-arranged them for recorder group. Some of them use the same harmony lines, and others have a completely new arrangement. It was really enjoyable to make these different arrangements, as writing for recorder group is quite different from writing for string group as the textures and interplay of instruments take on a whole different feel: the music isn't just about the notes that are chosen, but about timbre too.

There's also a brand new tune arrangement that I hadn't realised I'd never arranged before, which is the Hesleyside Reel. I've known and played this tune for years and assumed I must have arranged some harmonies for it, but it turns out I hadn't! So the recorder version is my first version of it.

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