Fiddle Tune Harmony Sheet Music - Arrangements for Fiddle Duo, Trio, Quartet or Fiddle Group, with Guitar Chords

The standard instrumentation for these traditional tune arrangements is a four part harmonisation of the melody. This comes in three versions: a standard string quartet (two violins, viola and cello) and two variations on this, with alternative parts for violin 3 (in place of viola) and a viola transposition of the cello part (up an octave in alto clef). The harmony parts can also be used just as fiddle harmony duet, fiddle trio, up to string quartet and fiddle orchestra - they're flexible in terms of how many parts need to be played at once.

Some of the arrangements were originally composed for a more restricted musical group - e.g. just fiddle trio, or string trio with two violins and cello; however, I've recently updated these with "bonus scores" so that everything is available as a four-part arrangement.

All arrangements come with chord symbols for accompanists. Please note that although there are piano parts in some of my demo recordings, these were improvised to the chords, and there are no piano scores included in these downloads.

As is usual with celtic music, bowings, ornaments and grace notes are not included in the scores. These are personal to each player, and should be developed separately. For learning about these stylistic techniques, I recommend The Fiddle Project.

Some of my demo recordings are "extended" versions, which are to show what is possible to build up as an arrangement using my harmony parts, with different parts playing at different times. The PDF scores are technically only a harmonisation of the melody played once through, but you can use them to build a much more interesting arrangement of your own! Check out my videos page to see and hear what some groups have done with them.


Packs of multiple arrangements sold at a discounted price. Most of the packs contain ten arrangements, and some have a special theme (e.g. Oldtime and Bluegrass, French Folk Tunes).

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Tunes A to Z

Individual arrangements, listed in alphabetical order. If there's a particular tune that you're looking for harmony parts for, this is the quickest way to check if it's one that I've arranged.

(If I haven't already arranged a tune that you want to play harmony for, and it's in the public domain as many traditional tunes are, I may be able to arrange it for you - see my commissions page for more information.)

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