Celtic Sheet Music Arrangements and Harmonies

I can make arrangements, harmony parts and transcriptions of traditional tunes - all to order. Prices start at £12 for one harmony part for a 32 bar traditional tune. I can also offer bulk discounts if you're having a lot tunes arranged at once. Get in touch at info@georgianettleton.com for more info about what I can do for you.

Commission an Original Piece

I compose my own original music - and recently I've started doing this to order, making original compositions for people who tell me a bit about what they would like, who it's for, what it's going to be named after, etc. A recent example of this is the Kachemak Preludes, which are written for beginner string players in Alaska, and named after aspects of the local environment. I'm also working on some adult-level string quartets as companion pieces for these.

You can commission a piece with a view to playing it yourself and I'll provide musical scores. It's also possible to commission me to compose a piece in order for me to make it into a studio recording for you - or I can do both the score, and the recording too.

To get a quote for my original composition services or to find out more, just send me an email at info@georgianettleton.com and let me know a bit about the kind of thing you're after.