Here are some videos made by a variety of different groups around the world who have used my compositions and arrangements.

Carolan's Welcome - Vuomu

This group in Finland used my harmony parts in their arrangement, which also includes their own lovely improvisations and solos.

Orinoco - Orinoco

This duo from Devon, UK, liked my original composition so much that they named themselves after it! Here's a performance of their version.

Orinoco - Company of Shadows - Mythago Morris

A completely different version of Orinoco. This one is by Mythago Morris from Sussex, UK, who wrote a whole new dance to go with the tune. (Which makes me extremely happy!)

Skye Boat Song - Espiral

This trio from Portugal used my harmony parts on their album recording of "Skye Boat Song". Here's their music video!

Mairi's Wedding - Savier Street Strings

A lockdown video made by a group from Portland, Oregon, USA. It uses my basic harmony arrangement, and includes a few twists of their own!

Three Around Three - York Senior Folkestra

A group from York Music Centre (UK) used my harmony parts to make this video during lockdown.