Folk Fiddle and Piano Duet Sheet Music - Tunes A-Z

Scores for piano accompaniments for traditional folk fiddle tunes.
Play fiddle and piano duets with scored piano parts for traditional folk tunes. These piano parts are the written-out scores for my improvised traditional-style piano backing to celtic music.

Playalong backing tracks
These piano accompaniment scores also come with free demo recordings of just the piano part, so you can use them as backing tracks if you're a fiddle player and don't have someone to play the piano with you.

Add harmony parts for extra instruments...
These piano parts are also compatible with my fiddle harmony arrangements of the same pieces, so you can buy the piano and fiddle duet versions as an add-on if you want to add a pianist to your harmony fiddle group, or you can start off as a piano and fiddle duet and buy the harmony parts if you want to add more violins or other instruments.

More coming soon!

Tune List