Celtic Harmony Sheet Music - Multipacks and Collections

These are my collections of multiple pieces of harmony sheet music, called 'Multipacks' and bundled together for a lower price than buying all the pieces separately.

Some of them have a particular theme (e.g. the Christmas pack, the O'Carolan Collection), and others are just collections of various celtic tunes.

They are organised by instrumentation.

You can also browse by A - Z or by newness.


Sheet Music Multipacks

Harmonies for Duets, Trios and Quartets

These packs are arranged in four part harmony, and are very flexible in terms of who can play them. They can be used by string quartets, string orchestra, various combinations of string trio, duets and fiddle orchestras. The parts included are violin 1, violin 2, violin 3, viola (same as violin 3 but in alto clef), cello, and a version of the cello part transposed up an octave in alto clef, for viola).

Some were originally just arranged for trio, but these have been updated so that there is a four part score including viola and cello parts available for all packs in this section.

Pieces for Beginner Strings - from solo violin to full string orchestra, with extra parts for teachers

Violin Solos

Tunebooks of my original compositions, for solo violin with chords for accompaniment.

Recorder Group

Piano Solo

Solo piano arrangements of traditional folk tunes, plus some of my own original compositions.

Instant Folk Band

Harmonies, solos, piano parts, chords, riffs and intros for folk songs, arranged for people to make their own folk band arrangements with a variety of voices and instruments.