Fiddle Tune Harmony Sheet Music - Arrangements for Fiddle Duo, Trio, Quartet or Fiddle Group, with Guitar Chords

You can browse my sheet music arrangements by alphabetical order, newness, instrumentation, tempo, tune type, or see all multipacks or pieces on a particular theme.

All of these sheet music downloads come with a FREE demonstration recording (which you can preview before download, so you know what the arrangement sounds like) and the score in pdf form. Click on the links below for more information about each piece, to hear the arrangement or purchase a download.

The standard instrumentation for these is a four part harmonisation, presented for string quartet but with alternative parts for violin 3 (in place of viola) and a viola transposition of the cello part (up an octave in alto clef). The harmony parts can also be used just as fiddle harmony duet, fiddle trio, up to string quartet and fiddle orchestra - they're flexible in terms of how many parts need to be played at once.

Some of my arrangements were originally composed for a more restricted musical group - e.g. just fiddle trio, or string trio with two violins and cello; however, I've recently updated these with "bonus scores" so that everything is available as four-part arrangement.

For those of my arrangements that are for different instrumentation (e.g. solo piano, full folk band) please see this page.