Play Harmony Fiddle

I'm guessing you're here because you're interested in playing fiddle harmonies - maybe as someone who already loves playing the harmonies and is looking for more harmony parts for more tunes, or someone who wants to start being a harmony player, but isn't sure how or where to begin...

I love playing harmony parts on the fiddle - as a fiddle player, playing with other fiddle players in a duet or bigger group is one of my favourite things to do. Even when you're all playing the same notes it's a fantastic experience, with all the harmonics flying around in everyone's ears - but when you start to break out into two or more harmonies, that's when it becomes incredible.

Get Started With Playing Harmony Fiddle

My pre-written harmony parts won't suddenly or magically make you able to harmonise any tune, but they will get you used to the feeling of playing something other than the melody, and learning and playing them could help you begin to understand how harmony parts relate to the tune.

I have a big (and growing) library of traditional, mostly celtic tunes which I've arranged in three part harmony (and even a few in four parts, which add viola and cello).

The harmonies can also be used as twin-fiddle duets, as well as trios.

You can buy multipacks with 10 tunes in, or pick and choose individual pieces.

What's Included in my Harmony Sheet Music Downloads?

Each arrangement is presented in various formats, to suit different types of learning style.

  • The notation in pdf format - a printable score to read from, with all the harmony parts and also chords, e.g. for a guitarist.
  • A recording of all the parts being played together.
  • Extra recordings with the harmony parts turned up and the tune turned to a low volume, to help with learning how the harmonies sound. This is perfect for people who learn mostly by ear.
  • MIDI files - these can be used in all kinds of ways, including slowing the music right down to help you learn it (find out more about MIDI files here).

So even if reading sheet music is not your strongest suit, the recordings and midi files can help you to learn the harmony parts in my arrangements and give you a start in learning to be a harmony fiddle player.

Click Here to Browse the Harmony Fiddle Music Library!


After you get going with the harmonies I've written, it may be that you'll have the confidence to invent your own. But even if that isn't the case, I'm making new harmony arrangements all the time, so if you check back on my sheet music page, there might something new there.

You can also commission me to write harmonies for a tune, if you've got a particular favourite - as long as it's not in copyright, I can arrange it for you.

What People Say

"I listen to your music all the time. I have made my own custom CDs for both traveling and practicing... I really like that you provide the practice tracks so that you can really hear the parts. I use the sheet music to give me a "head start" in learning the pieces. I am a big harmony person so your music has been a huge plus to me. I am also able to listen to music at work and often it's yours."

"I'm new to fiddle and have just created a trio of 2 fiddles, one flute. The traditional songs are great for us as...played slowly...are quite simple and give us the chance to make our sounds gel. As we get more comfortable together we can pick up the speed and add ornamentation."

"I love your music! I was hunting for 3 part harmony sheet music that is interesting in all parts when I came across your site. I bought the multi-pack number 1 and will most certainly purchase more. The Bandcamp app is a great idea as I can take my iPad wherever I go and "practice" my part in my head with the other 2 parts playing softly in the background. It's a wonderful learning tool! Thanks so much!"

"Holy cow, this is INCREDIBLE!!! Georgia, thank you so much -- they're perfection. The violas are going to be beyond thrilled!"